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Payment resource create error(souce id not chargeable) in the webhook on receiving source.chargeable event

  1. Once the customer authorizes the gcash payment, I am receiving the event in my webhook.
  2. In the webhook I am trying to create a payment resource if the status is chargeable
  3. I am getting the error that the source id is not chargeable
  4. But if I check the status of the sourceID it already shows paid(from https://developers.paymongo.com/reference#create-a-source)

Moreover, I am getting all earlier events with sourceId whose status is already paid

Flow in webhook:

  1. check status of event
  2. if status is chargeable the attempt payment resource creation
  3. if payment response has status paid, send statusCode 200 res back

A bit confused here pls provide the necessary help...