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PaymentMethod foreign card status to be predictable before payment or attaching it to a PaymentIntent

It's useful to know if a card is foreign to predict the amount we show to our users before attaching a "card" Payment Method to a Payment Intent.


  • It was due to the amount we input for the Payment Intent is the actual gross amount. So we have to put the correct amount.
  • It was due to a payment is automatically processed when a Payment Method is attached to a Payment Intent.

On our end, it is somehow a bad/inappropriate workaround to show to users that the card payment fee will be "4.5% + P15" all the time instead of showing between it and "3.5% + P15" just to protect us from the unknown card status if it is a foreign card. By the way, the reason we show the percentage is to be transparent with the monetary breakdown to our users.

Another improvement to this might be:

  • Not auto process payment right away when attaching payment method if it show the card as foreign in a PaymentIntent.
  • Let us have the option set the "net" amount instead of "gross" amount in the Payment Intent API.