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Android Studio Integration

Is there a tutorial on how to integrate the PayMongo on Android Studio?

Webhook still on "resource_processing_state" 1 hour after the payment source is not authorized

I'm trying to update my test webhook but it always return "resource_processing_state" but the payment source I have created is more than 1 hour.

Continuous Payment

Is it possible for monthly payment for subscription of the users to our mobile app published in android and apple?

Payment Method Gcash not allowed

I Create source live payment using "Gcash" the endpoint returned is "code : payment_method_not_configured detail : Organization with id is not allowed to process gcash payments." How can fix this?

Prebuilt Checkout page

Hi, will Paymongo support check-out-session in the future that client- and server-side code redirects to a prebuilt payment page hosted on Paymongo.

Fetching the payment link

How to fetch the link for the payment in java or android studio

Why my test API is not working in creating a Payment Resource?

When I am creating a Source Resource, my test API is properly authenticated, but in creating a payment resource, it says error 401 or unauthorized access.

Testing our apk and it says payment method must be in live mode

Hello, anyone who experienced this? When we test the payment method it is already looking for live creds and true cards.

Payment Method Restricted

Upon creating a test PaymentIntent using "card" as the payment_method_allowed, the endpoint returned a "payment_method_restricted" code with the message "Payment method card is restricted for this organization." What is the problem and what should I do?

How to set amount lower than 100?


Can the webhook's URL be a local endpoint?

Can I use my local endpoint when registering a webhook? like can I use https://localhost:8000?

Paymongo Error on woocommerce

I'm getting an error on checkout, Organization with id org_ozGYREwE3q6QzdQUWPAxdLvZ is not allowed to process gcash payments.

Needs confirmation of Seller prior to payment by client

Hi. Our transaction flow requires that we confirm the final amount of the order (may even take 2 days) prior to charging the client/payment. How do we go about it here? Help please!

Payment/transaction fee

Hi, is the the payment/transaction fee still not available (saw someone ask this before here) in the API? We are availing the promo which will waive 2 months of transaction fee. Is there a way that we can automate the changing of fee when the promo expires or when the rate is changed?

I am having problems with the return url after 3DS, it is encoding the URL parameters

For example when I try to put this to the return URL after 3ds confirmation "https://yoursite.com/index.php?param1=3&param2=1" The return URL transforms it to "https://yoursite.com/index.php?param1=3&param2=1" . This is breaking my site controllers as everything is handled in index. Is there a way around this?

Transaction Meta data

How to add meta data for transactions?

Recurring Payment and Reusable Payment Method

Hi, regarding paymongo Payment Intent API. 1. Can I use the same Payment Method ID when I create a new Payment Intent? 2. How many times can I use the Payment Method ID for different Payment Intents? My use case for this is to ease customer payment experience for those who already bought from our store by giving them the ability to pay in one-click Another use case is for Recurring payments

Pay By Link Webhook

Can we listen for Pay By Link events on a webhook?

Getting api_key_required error

Luigel\Paymongo\Exceptions\UnauthorizedException {"errors":[{"code":"api_key_required","detail":"You did not provide an API key. Go to https://developers.paymongo.com/docs/authentication to know more about our API authentication."}]} I am using paymongo SDK for laravel.

Need help in generating webhook signature from source.chargeable event request

Header received in a request... "Paymongo-Signature": "t=1620901532,te=0c6fcee4abf200e6b8858c2b6fc5f773c3920e1087f9cb4c4d67d4c7212dbe7d,li=", payload received: "body": "{\"data\":{\"id\":\"evt_kVBbtHrJcsHSNC2oAKoGcjsL\",\"type\":\"event\",\"attributes\":{\"type\":\"source.chargeable\",\"livemode\":false,\"data\":{\"id\":\"src_MGZPYvicoDMSQrv7tbn7tGjR\",\"type\":\"source\",\"attributes\":{\"amount\":15500,\"billing\":{\"address\":{\"city\":\"Bengaluru\",\"country\":null,\"line1\":\"\",\"line2\":\"Marine Drive, Benga\",\"postal_code\":null,\"state\":\"Karnataka\"},\"email\":\"[email protected]\",\"name\":\"Shashi Kant\",\"phone\":\"6203362289\"},\"currency\":\"PHP\",\"livemode\":false,\"redirect\":{\"checkout_url\":\"https://test-sources.paymongo.com/sources?id=src_MGZPYvicoDMSQrv7tbn7tGjR\",\"failed\":\"http://localhost:3000/checkout\",\"success\":\"http://localhost:3000/checkout\"},\"status\":\"chargeable\",\"type\":\"grab_pay\",\"created_at\":1620901511,\"updated_at\":1620901514}},\"previous_data\":{},\"created_at\":1620901514,\"updated_at\":1620901514}}}", trying to create a signature sign = "1620901532.{\"data\":{\"id\":\"evt_kVBbtHrJcsHSNC2oAKoGcjsL\",\"type\":\"event\",\"attributes\":{\"type\":\"source.chargeable\",\"livemode\":false,\"data\":{\"id\":\"src_MGZPYvicoDMSQrv7tbn7tGjR\",\"type\":\"source\",\"attributes\":{\"amount\":15500,\"billing\":{\"address\":{\"city\":\"Bengaluru\",\"country\":null,\"line1\":\"\",\"line2\":\"Marine Drive, Benga\",\"postal_code\":null,\"state\":\"Karnataka\"},\"email\":\"[email protected]\",\"name\":\"Shashi Kant\",\"phone\":\"6203362289\"},\"currency\":\"PHP\",\"livemode\":false,\"redirect\":{\"checkout_url\":\"https://test-sources.paymongo.com/sources?id=src_MGZPYvicoDMSQrv7tbn7tGjR\",\"failed\":\"http://localhost:3000/checkout\",\"success\":\"http://localhost:3000/checkout\"},\"status\":\"chargeable\",\"type\":\"grab_pay\",\"created_at\":1620901511,\"updated_at\":1620901514}},\"previous_data\":{},\"created_at\":1620901514,\"updated_at\":1620901514}}} after running this with sha256 hash function the test-part in the paymongo-signature header does not match? Need help as to what is the action raw json payload of the api request