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Server and Client encryption

Paymongo is only server side payment? I need to encrypt the information of the card from client side to send to the server side and from the server create the payment with pay mongo? Thanks for your answer. Warm regards

Trying to create a source in live server but its always getting 500 error but when i tried in local host it is working

<?php require_once('vendor/autoload.php'); $client = new \GuzzleHttp\Client(); $response = $client->request('POST', 'https://api.paymongo.com/v1/sources', [ 'body' => '{"data":{"attributes":{"amount":10000,"redirect":{"success":"http://localhost:3000/success.php","failed":"http://localhost:3000/failed.php"},"type":"gcash","currency":"PHP"}}}', 'headers' => [ 'Accept' => 'application/json', 'Authorization' => 'Basic ************', 'Content-Type' => 'application/json', ], ]); $data = json_decode($response->getBody(), true); $redirect = $data['data']['attributes']['redirect']['checkout_url']; header('Refresh: 3;URL='. $redirect);

Idempotency Tokens

Is this planned or do you have any other workarounds on approaching this with PayMongo API?

Why Callback is not coming .Please reply

Hi Paymongo Team, Our expectation if user intentialy clicking on the "Fail Test Payment" button we should get a callback. Because we need to update the status of the particular order. Please tell currently this will work or not. For valid 3DS Card details there is no callback is coming from paymongo when user clicks on the "Fail Test Payment" or "Cancel Test Payment" buttons showing in the 3ds test payment page.Also it is not update in the paymongo dashBoard.But when clicks on "Authorize Test Payment" button callback is coming and as well as it updating in the dashboard. Thanks

Integrate with PaidMembershipPro

How to integrate Paymongo with Paidmembershippro? Thanks


Hi guys, I want to have Paymongo send notified in Airtable or, if possible, integrate the Paymongo to Airtable vice versa. Is this possible?

next_action is null on test mode

Creating a Payment Intent: When using the live keys, next_action is present and has a redirect object with return_url and url properties. When using the test keys, next_action is null. How can I test the redirects of users when using test keys?

Paymongo not accepting my payment

I am trying to pay with my wellsfargo visa credit card through paymongo for a transaction in the philippines, but it keeps on giving a message that this payment type is not accepted, try a different payment method or credit card. I have sufficient fund and there is no issue with the bank institution here...

Android Studio Integration

Is there a tutorial on how to integrate the PayMongo on Android Studio?

Continuous Payment

Is it possible for monthly payment for subscription of the users to our mobile app published in android and apple?