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UI Design for Checkout Page

Is there a way that I can design checkout page based on my app design?

External 3DS

Can I use my own 3DS Merchant Plug-in?

load to gcash

can i transfer load to gcash?

next_action is null on test mode

Creating a Payment Intent: When using the live keys, next_action is present and has a redirect object with return_url and url properties. When using the test keys, next_action is null. How can I test the redirects of users when using test keys?

Javascript Library

https://github.com/princejoogie/paymongo.js not a question but just wanted to share paymongo.js, a client library for javascript/typescript. decided to create my own as I did not find any library that supports ESM (ES Modules) and TypeScript compatible. This library support both CJS and ESM and is fully-typed from props to response. It's open-source so feel free to contribute if you have issues.

Paymongo not accepting my payment

I am trying to pay with my wellsfargo visa credit card through paymongo for a transaction in the philippines, but it keeps on giving a message that this payment type is not accepted, try a different payment method or credit card. I have sufficient fund and there is no issue with the bank institution here...

Android Studio Integration

Is there a tutorial on how to integrate the PayMongo on Android Studio?

Webhook still on "resource_processing_state" 1 hour after the payment source is not authorized

I'm trying to update my test webhook but it always return "resource_processing_state" but the payment source I have created is more than 1 hour.

Continuous Payment

Is it possible for monthly payment for subscription of the users to our mobile app published in android and apple?

Payment Method Gcash not allowed

I Create source live payment using "Gcash" the endpoint returned is "code : payment_method_not_configured detail : Organization with id is not allowed to process gcash payments." How can fix this?