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Union Bank authorization unsuccessful

Hi. I've been trying to integrate UB as one of our payment channels in our app, but after logging in and clicking "Authorize" and "Pay", it returns "Access token is invalid or expired". Our payments for UB is also activated at the moment. Thank you!

Blocked a frame with origin "http://localhost:3000" from accessing a cross-origin frame.

I have created the modal that shows the paymongo interface/iframe for payment but it's not possible to interact with it because of CORS message. Blocked a frame with origin "http://localhost:3000" from accessing a cross-origin frame.

API for Pages

There is a function in the dashboard where you can create a page and customers can use that to pay. How can I create a page dynamically using api?

Gonna ask if it is a viable request for educational/thesis purpose only

May I ask if we are able to use this payment gateway Api platform to develop a website with similar transactions made like Kickstarter, although ours focuses mainly on IT projects and similar prospects (Gaming, IoT, and etc.)

Payout API

Hi guys, Just wanted to ask if paymongo supported payout API? My use case scenario is sending money from my paymongo account to the user's choice of e-wallet/bank (cash or debit card). Not sure if this is possible in the current API of paymongo. Thanks.

PaymentMethod foreign card status to be predictable before payment or attaching it to a PaymentIntent

It's useful to know if a card is foreign to predict the amount we show to our users before attaching a "card" Payment Method to a Payment Intent. Issues: - It was due to the amount we input for the Payment Intent is the actual gross amount. So we have to put the correct amount. - It was due to a payment is automatically processed when a Payment Method is attached to a Payment Intent. On our end, it is somehow a bad/inappropriate workaround to show to users that the card payment fee will be "4.5% + P15" all the time instead of showing between it and "3.5% + P15" just to protect us from the unknown card status if it is a foreign card. By the way, the reason we show the percentage is to be transparent with the monetary breakdown to our users. Another improvement to this might be: - Not auto process payment right away when attaching payment method if it show the card as foreign in a PaymentIntent. - Let us have the option set the "net" amount instead of "gross" amount in the Payment Intent API.

Da wae

Help me find da wae

Gcash redirection tab for payment confirmation not working in safari browser

Chargeable payment window for Gcash is not showing or working in safari specially in mobile. Chrome and other browser are working. Only safari is not working. How can resolve this issues on safari?

Manual Capture (How to be whitelisted)

{"errors":[{"code":"organization_not_allowed","detail":"Manual capture is not available for this organization.","source":{"pointer":"capture_type","attribute":"capture_type"}}]} How to be whitelisted so that I can use the Manual Capture (https://developers.paymongo.com/docs/pre-authorization-and-capture). I tried emailing as stated here https://paymongo.help/en/articles/6168678-manually-capture-your-customer-s-card-payments but still no response. Thank you for your help.

Payment Method availability

Hi. Is there a way to retrieve a list of payment methods available in Paymongo? Will there be scenarios where a specific payment method such as Gcash, Maya, or Grabpay is unavailable? Thanks.