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Do payment intents expire?


Cancel or refund API

Do you support cancel or refund API?

Support for Foreign Credit/Debit Cards

Hi there, do Paymongo support International Credit / Debit Card? I'm planning to make a product soon that will be charging customers from all over the globe.

Why is my Webhook Endpoint not Receiving an Event?

Two really important yet lacking features in PayMongo.

I really hope you fellas consider this because there are so many applications for these features. I'm 100% sure a lot of people had to drop PayMongo for PayPal or for some other service out there that supports these. I'm dead serious when I say that the lack of these features is what stopping PayMongo from being the de facto payment gateway in the PH. 1. Recurring payments. Even the oldest PH payment gateways have these. e.g PesoPay, AsiaPay, iPay88, etc. You get the point. Netflix, YouTube Premium, GitHub, Shopify, and nearly every single SaaS out there rely on subscriptions. 2. One-to-many payouts. Payouts to multiple PayMongo accounts from one payment. Even better if you could somehow integrate it with popular wallets. So one payment that can be paid out to a PayMongo account, and then a GCash account. It doesn't just have to be two, but the point is there: multiple recipients. Middlemen-type platforms like Ko-Fi, Grab, Uber, AirBnB, Patreon, RedBubble, and etc. These services are extremely popular everywhere (some I guess). This could even be augmented on top of the subscriptions feature, which just opens so many applications. Please listen. These payment methods are _really_ common in SaaS, and by not including it, it just makes it much harder for the startup scene in the Philippines to flourish. You fellas already have the appeal of being developer friendly. It's just so difficult when the current payment methods are so one dimensional, and restrictive. Your slogan is, "PayMongo makes it easy for you to run an online business. We help you get paid by your customers, any time and anywhere.". But the only online business you really support are the brick and mortar businesses that went online. If these features are implemented, I'm sure that the startup scene would be more appealing for a lot of developers. It's just sad that the good options like Stripe aren't available here. Moving a business outside PH just to be able to use Stripe because there are no better options is really sad. Please this is very important.

Payment resource create error(souce id not chargeable) in the webhook on receiving source.chargeable event

1. Once the customer authorizes the gcash payment, I am receiving the event in my webhook. 2. In the webhook I am trying to create a payment resource if the status is chargeable 3. I am getting the error that the source id is not chargeable 4. But if I check the status of the sourceID it already shows paid(from https://developers.paymongo.com/reference#create-a-source) Moreover, I am getting all earlier events with sourceId whose status is already paid Flow in webhook: 1. check status of event 2. if status is chargeable the attempt payment resource creation 3. if payment response has status paid, send statusCode 200 res back A bit confused here pls provide the necessary help...

Recurring Payment and Reusable Payment Method

Hi, regarding paymongo Payment Intent API. 1. Can I use the same Payment Method ID when I create a new Payment Intent? 2. How many times can I use the Payment Method ID for different Payment Intents? My use case for this is to ease customer payment experience for those who already bought from our store by giving them the ability to pay in one-click Another use case is for Recurring payments