Wallet Transaction Resource

    "data": {
        "id": "wallet_tr_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "type": "wallet_transaction",
        "attributes": {
            "wallet_id": "wallet_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
            "amount": 1000,
            "currency": "PHP",
            "livemode": true,
            "provider": "pesonet",
            "receiver": {
                "bank_account_name": "Juan Dela Cruz",
                "bank_account_number": "000000000000",
                "bank_code": "UBPHPHMMXXX",
                "bank_id": "001",
                "bank_name": "UNION BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES"
            "reference_number": "Q3XLMYkRvn4gaGc6da2P",
            "sender": {
                "bank_account_name": "PayMongo Test",
                "bank_account_number": "000000000000",
                "bank_code": "PAEYPHM2XXX",
                "bank_id": "001",
                "bank_name": "PAYMONGO PAYMENTS INC"
            "status": "pending",
            "type": "send_money",
            "transfer_id": "tr_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
            "created_at": 1689135580,
            "updated_at": 1689135580

id string
Unique ID of the resource.

Amount of the transaction

receiver.attributes dictionary

bank_account_nameBank account name holder used to transfer the amount to
bank_account_numberBank account number used to transfer the amount to
bank_codeCurrent possible value: pesonet
bank_idBank ID used in the transaction
bank_nameName of the bank used in the transaction

sender.attributes dictionary

bank_account_nameTreasury account name
bank_account_numberTreasury account number

livemode boolean

Determines whether or not the wallet account is a test or live mode account. The account is live and uses real money when livemode is true, and otherwise, it is in test mode when false.

status string
Status of the transaction

Possible values:
pending - initial status
succeeded - sent to the respected bank account
failed - unable to transfer fund

type string
Defines if the transaction is credit or debit to the wallet

Possible values:

ID from creating the transfer

created_at date
Created date of the wallet transaction

updated_at date
Updated date of the wallet transaction