Community-made Libraries


Thank you, random citizen!

As of now, PayMongo does not have any official SDKs. There have been, however, several community-driven projects that we've seen. We, at PayMongo, are all about supporting Filipino developers and so we want to feature these efforts and help build a stronger local community of programmers.


These SDKs are not officially supported

PayMongo cannot provide the same level of support to developers who integrate with us through these third party libraries. Bugs for these libraries may not always be fixed and there may be a lag between new feature releases and the corresponding features in the libraries.

Use these libraries at your own risk.

If you do find bugs and issues with these libraries, consider contributing to the repositories and supporting Filipino developers!

To the maintainers and contributors of our unofficial third-party libraries: thank you for the hard work you put in to supporting our API. This page (and corresponding meme) is dedicated to you guys. Keep up the good work and definitely let us know if there's anything we can do to help out. You know how to reach us ;)

Check out the community-made libraries here, sorted by creation date from oldest to newest:

  1. Ruby Gem by Xavi Ablaza. Github repository
  2. Node.js Library by Jofferson Tiquez. Github repository
  3. PHP Laravel Library by Rigel Kent Carbonel. Github repository
  4. Python Library by Chris Ian Fiel. Github repository
  5. Typescript Library by Paolo Tiu. Github repository
  6. Javascript Library by Prince Carlo Juguilon
  7. Kotlin Library by Ron June Valdoz