PayMongo Links is a no-code solution that allows any type of business to receive payments in a matter of minutes.


A sample PayMongo Link

This product is very useful to businesses that do not have the capability to build their own system to receive payments. Furthermore, there are some developers who find this product useful but it cannot be integrated into their systems because of the manual intervention to create a link. We would like to introduce a new product called Links API. Through the PayMongo Links API you are now able to do the following using API Calls:

1. [Creating a PayMongo Link] (
2. [Retrieve a Link] (
3. [Get Link by reference number] (
4. [Archive a Link] (
5. [Unarchive a Link] (

In addition to this, we also added another webhook event: link.payment.paid to keep track of paid Links. For more information about webhooks feel free to checkout our webhook guide.