Buy now, pay later

Does PayMongo support buy now, pay later?

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is becoming more and more popular among e-commerce businesses in recent years. It is particularly helpful for high-ticket items like electronics, household appliances, and furniture. BNPL is also starting to become a widely accepted payment method in a lot of other industries, like fashion, beauty, and even education.

With PayMongo, you can now allow your customers to use flexible installment loans for their purchases via BNPL options such as Atome and BillEase.

Additionally, regardless of the plans your clients select, you will receive a full settlement upfront, allowing you to better plan your operational budget. You don't have to worry about chargeback threats because our BNPL partners will handle them for you!


Here's how your customers can pay you through Atome or BillEase:


Atome automatically splits your customer's bill into 3 equal payments (fixed) once they check out and click on Atome as their preferred payment method. They'll pay the first payment at the point of purchase. The next two payments will be spread 30 days apart!

  1. After reviewing and confirming the payment breakdown, they can now click on "Pay using Atome" where they will be redirected to a different check-out page. From there, they just have to log in and input their OTPs.

  2. Tick off the T&Cs to Atome's Loan Agreement and click "Confirm Payment"

That's it! After the first payment, you can head on over to your dashboard and it should already show up as completely paid.



BillEase helps your customers by extending a credit line that can be repaid through varying installment plans! BillEase users can repay their loans via e-wallets, online banking, and/or OTC.

  1. Customer selects BillEase as their payment method – Your customers can choose to pay via BillEase on your website.

  2. Customer chooses an installment option – After account sign-in, BillEase users can choose their payment terms, down payment amount, and repayment frequency. First-time users can sign-up directly in just 5 mins!

  3. Customer reviews transaction details – Once the customer is satisfied with the terms, they can settle the downpayment to confirm the purchase.

  4. Purchase Successful! – Once a purchase is successful, the full payment amount will be credited to your PayMongo account.