Older workflows


We no longer recommend using these old workflows to integrate via our API. These aren't being updated with new features and are no longer being maintained.

We highly recommend using the Payment Intent workflow when integrating and building your custom payment workflow.

Migrating from older workflows

If you are currently using the Sources workflow to integrate via our API and accept GCash and GrabPay payments, we highly recommend migrating to the Payment Intents workflow as soon as possible. Not only will it be easier in the future to just manage one payment workflow especially as we add more features, but managing webhooks is now an optional step. This makes the integration less complicated as it requires less steps.

Comparing the workflows

FeaturePayment IntentSources
Supported payment methodsCards, E-wallets (GCash, Maya, GrabPay), Buy now pay later, Direct online bankingE-wallets (GCash and GrabPay only)
Creation and management of webhooksOptional (but recommended)Required
Future feature development:negative-squared-cross:

What’s Next

To get started on migrating to the Payment Intent workflow, you can refer to these pages below