Refunding transactions

How do I refund transactions?


PayMongo allows you to refund your customer's payments in full or partial amounts. A payment with a status of paid are the payments that can be refunded via the PayMongo dashboard or via our Public API. Kindly note that only live transactions can be refunded.

The refund will be deducted from your upcoming payout balance. The refund can't be canceled anymore when it's been requested and processed.


Payout balance

If your upcoming payout balance is not enough to cover the refund, the request will not push through until there is a sufficient balance amount.

Refunds can only be made a certain time after the payment has been made:

Transaction typeTimespan
Debit and credit card transactionsWithin 60 days from the date of payment
GCash transactionsWithin 180 days from the date of payment
GrabPay transactionsWithin 90 days from the date of payment
PayMaya transactionsWithin 365 days from the date of payment


Additional notes

• Transactions made over-the-counter cannot be refunded
• Transactions from Shopify can only be refunded through the Shopify dashboard
• Payments that have been fully refunded can no longer be disputed. Partial refunds are not applicable to GrabPay and PayMaya transactions

Feel free to explore this help center article for more information on how to create a refunds on the PayMongo dashboard.