What is PayMongo?


We've recently updated our documentation!

We've improved our API documentation's organization and format to help make integration faster.

For developers, we've added recipes and soon SDKs to aid with your integration. We've also consolidated all the payment methods under one Payment Intent workflow.

For non-developers, the concept guides have been reworked so you can better understand how our PayMongo API can help your business.

In case you want to access the previous version, feel free to visit this link!

Welcome to PayMongo

Hey there! We'd like to welcome you to our platform. PayMongo provides businesses with an easy and user-friendly way of accepting payments from customers. This site contains all the resources you'll need to integrate the PayMongo API to your website or app.

There are two sections to our documentation: Guides and API Reference.

Guides are for both developers and non-developers so you can have a better idea on how payments are processed and to also give a general integration workflow.

On the other hand, the API References will go into detail about each endpoint. If you are an experienced developer or have integrated payments before via code, feel free to directly explore each of the APIs references available.


PayMongo is a payment gateway that allows businesses to easily accept payments from their customers online via credit/debit card (straight/installment payments), BillEase (buy now, pay later), e-wallets, online banking, and over-the-counter.

Build a seamless payment experience
Give your customers a convenient way to pay, build higher confidence and, in turn, increase your conversions.

Stay secure and compliant
Our combination of fraud detection tools and PCI-certified systems keeps you compliant with regulations and protects you from fraudulent transactions.

Accept payments on any platform
Every business has different payment needs. Our tools are built to standard so you can get up and running on any technology of your choosing.

Developers first
We believe finance is a problem rooted in code. As developers ourselves, we build APIs so you can easily integrate our payment workflow to your business.


Our Solutions

PayMongo offers different payment solutions to make it easier for your business to accept payments from customers. The payment process would depend on the product that you will be using. We separated our products into three categories for easier browsing and to suit whatever your payment need is.

1. PayMongo API

We built the PayMongo API for those who want to directly integrate their site or app with PayMongo. Using the API allows you to take full control of the user's experience and integrate the payments directly with your systems and databases.

2. No-Code Solutions

Using the products below, you can receive online payments with or without a website.

  • Links

    PayMongo Links is a one-time use website link where your customers can pay. You can create a Link through your PayMongo dashboard and then send it to your customers via SMS, email, WhatsApp, messenger and other social messaging platforms to instantly collect your payment.
  • Pages

    PayMongo Pages is an always-on checkout page that you can set up for your business. A payment link will still be sent to the customer but the link doesn't expire once paid.

3. Third Party Plugins

PayMongo has plugins for seamless integration on these e-commerce websites, Shopify, WooCommere, Magento, or PrestaShop . These are no-code solutions for you to accept payments quickly.


Feedback and support

If you have any feedback about this documentation or our APIs, please feel free to reach out to us or click "suggest edits" at the top right of each article or section. As our APIs are constantly evolving, your inputs help us improve these tools for a better user experience.

Lastly, if you have any questions that aren't answered here, you can always reach us with the site's support chat. You can find that on the bottom right of this site, on your PayMongo dashboard or on the main homepage.

What’s Next

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