Receiving payouts

How do I manage my payouts?

By default, PayMongo generates your payouts every Tuesday and sends it to our banking partner for processing the following day. Our team automatically processes this so there's no need for requests from your end. Our default cut-off for payout clearing is every Tuesday. So if your payments were cleared by Tuesday, you'll receive them as part of the Wednesday payout.

You will be able check your upcoming remittances, as well as your payout history in your Payouts Dashboard. Also, you can also generate payment reports for all your accounting needs.



On the first row, you'll be able to see 3 fields.

Upcoming Payout:

  • The soonest payout you should expect to be generated and received. It contains all the payments cleared on or before the payout date. Also known as your refundable balance.
  • You may check to see the summary of your payouts by clicking the blue "x transactions" below the total amount.
  • You can also check the number of payments within the payout!
  • Upcoming Payout also refers to your refundable balance.

Payout Generation Schedule:

  • When we'll generate your payouts.

Next Payout:

  • The payments are to be included in your next soonest payout (after your upcoming payout). Payments may be included here due to payment clearing.
  • Similar to the Upcoming Payouts card, you will be able to check the summary of the items on the payout card.