Refund errors

What are the errors associated with refunds?

Error CodeReason
provider_processing_errorProvider is unavailable or refund error on our providers end.
resource_processing_stateThere is an existing processing refund, this usually happens when you call create refund multiple times for a particular payment.
resource_processing_errorUnknown error on our end.
refund_not_allowedShopify transactions can only be refunded through their dashboard.
parameter_invalidRefunds are not allowed for payments with source type.
resource_not_foundWhen payment does not exist
livemode_mismatchedPayment livemode/testmode does not match the authentication's mode
resource_failed_stateOnly payment in paid state can be refunded
resource_disputed_stateThe payment has been disputed by the cardholder
A previous refund request for this payment is still {processing|pending}
allowed_date_exceededNot allowed to refund a {payment method type} payment after {refundable days} days.
available_balance_insufficientRefund amount is greater than the available payout amount.
parameter_above_maximumThe value of the amount is greater than {payment.amount}
Amount is greater than the remaining refundable value.
Only full amounts are allowed to be refunded for {GrabPay|PayMaya} payments.
parameter_below_minimumThe value for amount cannot be less than 1000
This is for stripe payments
payment_method_not_allowedPlease contact PayMongo with your transaction details to process your refund.
This is for card installment.