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QR Ph is the Philippine's QR code standard supervised by the BSP and aims to provide a quick and secure way to accept payments from multiple banks and e-wallets, all using one QR Ph code.

QR Ph is now available as a payment method for API, Shopify, PayMongo Links and Pages! This unlocks additional banks and e-wallets as payment options during checkout for the customer. ✅

Rates and clearing time 🗓️
PayMongo will charge a transaction fee of 1.5% per each successful QRPH payment. The payment is cleared instantaneously for payout release upon successful transaction. However, kindly note that standard payout generation and processing times still apply.

Customer Payment Process 📱
Paying via QRPh is easy! Below is the QR Ph customer payment process for PayMongo Links to help illustrate this payment method in action.

  1. The QRPh payment option should appear upon checkout like this where it shows up under "Scan to Pay"
  1. Upon choosing QRPh, a QR code will be generated that the customer can either scan or download to pay for the item.
  1. Once paid, a confirmation will appear to notify the customer that they have successfully paid for the payment! Once the customer receives confirmation, they can proceed to close the checkout window.