Does PayMongo support card payments?

With the help of PayMongo, you can easily charge domestic and foreign credit and debit cards that are issued by Visa and Mastercard.

Even though only 2% of Filipinos own credit or debit cards, the card payment market in the Philippines is set for growth. Accepting card payment means that you can offer your clients a full range of payment options. In addition to this, customers outside of the Philippines use cards as their default payment method. The simplicity of credit card payments helps eliminate friction points in the payment process. In PayMongo, we develop our integrations to maximize card acceptance rates as well as minimize risk behind these transactions.


Here's what the payment process looks like on the customer's end:

  1. Review and confirm the payment breakdown of your order. Then choose Credit/Debit card as your payment option.

Example on PayMongo Links


  1. The customer will then be prompted to input his/her billing details.


  1. The customer will then be prompted by his/her issuing bank to input the OTP sent to authorize the payment.


  1. Once the payment has been authorized, the customer will receive a confirmation that the transaction is successful.