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For businesses, the adoption of recurring payments serves as a pivotal strategy. It not only establishes a consistent revenue stream but also mitigates operational inefficiencies associated with the manual collection of payments. Furthermore, recurring payments offer a convenient and automated payment experience for customers by not having to pay manually every billing period.


In a nutshell...

PayMongo's Subscriptions allow businesses to charge a customer's credit or debit card periodically.

PayMongo's Subscriptions powered by our subscriptions API would allow merchants in the target sectors to:

  • Enroll clients effortlessly in a subscription plan
  • Manage subscriptions and invoices
  • Automate the process of auto-debiting customer cards
  • Provide a hassle-free option to cancel subscription

With PayMongo, you gain access to a secure, user-friendly platform that simplifies and fortifies the automation of recurring payment collections.

For merchants, this translates into more than just a feature—it's an opportunity to diversify revenue streams. It introduces a dependable income source without the burden of additional operational expenses. Moreover, it extends the tenure of customer relationships by offering flexible pricing options and opportunities for product and service upsells.