Direct online banking

Does PayMongo support direct online banking?

PayMongo is currently partnered with Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and UnionBank of the Philippines (UBP) in accepting direct online banking payments.

You can conveniently take payments through direct online banking by:

  • Safely connecting your customers' bank accounts and facilitate subsequent transactions
  • drawing money right out of the bank account of your consumer and processing their payments through the same platform
  • Instantaneous fund settlement provides better visibility and quick access to your money.


Test Mode for BPI and UBP is only available for API

Here's how your customer's can pay you through Online Banking:

  1. Review and confirm the payment breakdown, then choose either BPI or UnionBank Online as your payment method.

Example on PayMongo Links



  1. The customer will be prompted to input their email and contact number on the PayMongo checkout page.

  2. After filling out the customer details, the customer will now be redirected to either BPI or UBP's online banking login page. He/she would need to log in to their online banking account to pay for the transaction.



  1. Once the payment has been confirmed, the customer will be notified of the successful transaction via email.