Links API

How do I create a PayMongo Link using an API Call?


PayMongo Links can be created in bulk or through a script. Through the PayMongo Links API, you are able to create, retrieve, archive and unarchive a Link. These API calls will return a PayMongo Link Object.

API Reference Guide

Create a Link

The Create a Link endpoint allows you to create a link.

Retrieve a Link

The Retrieve a Link endpoint returns a Link object given the Link's ID (example: link_wWaibr22CzEnficNhQNPUdoo).

Get a Link by reference number

The [Get Link by reference number] ( endpoint returns a Link object given the Link's reference number (example: WTmSJbV).

Archive a Link

The [Archive a Link] ( archives a Link given the Link ID. In turn, the [Unarchive a Link] ( endpoint can unarchive the Link.

In addition to this, we also added another webhook event: link.payment.paid to keep track of paid Links. For more information about webhooks feel free to checkout our webhooks guide